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Thanks to overwhelming player response and their desire to have new games to play that include plenty of advanced features, many of the world's leading video poker providers are working to offer games with new payouts, new themes and even new options for gameplay.

New Technologies

With technology continuing to get better all the time, video poker providers are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate user options into their games. For instance, many of the newer game variations do not require players to manually select all of the cards they wish to keep or continue clicking draw to end a hand. Though it may seem that players are given a greater advantage when it comes to earning a payout, changes in the payout table itself work to neutralize this and keep the odds fair for the player and the house.

Improved Strategies

Players make a single wager per game in most variations of video poker, and this usually ranges from $0.25 to $100.00. Although the rules of the game remain the same, players who have questions about possible payouts or the odds of building a certain hand can simply mouse over their cards for more information. Players are able to refer to video poker strategy cards, play as often as possible and change their wager amount from hand to hand. This way, the player has more options than ever before and much more control over the gameplay experience.

New Variations

Anyone who is familiar with video poker knows that Jacks or Better and Tens or Better are two of the most popular games ever developed. Though these games provide fun and excitement, sometimes it is best to add some flexibility or new rules in order to keep players' interests piqued. Video poker developers are constantly finding and implementing new ways to play this classic game, whether it is by adding bonus rounds and levels for a chance at a progressive jackpot or simply creating a well-received theme for the game.

Although video poker is slated to remain popular due to its favorable player reviews, newer and more advanced versions of the game continue to be launched all the time. Players who are interested in something new simply need to perform an internet search for their favorite video poker games.