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Thanks to a low house edge and the virtually unlimited choices available to players, video poker is quickly becoming one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Real Time Gaming, known as RTG, offers more than 20 variations--all from the same company.

Bonus Poker

Bonus poker strives to get away from the industry standard known as Jacks or Better with two very interesting features. There is no single payout for a four-of-a-kind hand; this payout is based upon the value of the cards. For instance, four Aces results in a 75 to one payout while four fives through Kings results in a 25 to one payout. The second feature that differentiates this game from others is the fact that players can double their winnings with a mini-game in which the player and the dealer draw a card; the one with the highest-valued card wins the pot. It is always better to try out something new when you want to find out how lucky you are. Especially if you have run into an attractive bonus offer like this 200% bonus match + 50 free spins, is something you shouldn't miss.

Double Bonus Poker

Double bonus poker is very similar to bonus poker, though there are five paylines and a fifth card is sometimes used. This is only taken into consideration in two of the paylines, however, and is not necessary to secure a win. Players who are interested in Bonus Poker may enjoy this offering as it provides even more features and ways to win than ever before. The game can be found online in multiple casinos.

Deuces Wild Poker

In this variation, all of the twos in the shoe are considered wildcards and can be used to complete any winning combination. What's more, players who successfully build a hand that consists of four 2s will win a payout of 2,000 to one. There is even a payline for a five-of-a-kind in this game; this occurs when a player successfully collects four of a kind and adds a fifth one with the help of a wild card. Even better, the payout for a lucrative Royal Flush is a jaw-dropping 8,000 to one.

Thanks to providers and developers like Real Time Gaming, players who love video poker certainly have plenty of options from which to choose. Each of these games provides a low house edge and ample opportunity to win, as well.