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Play Mobile Video Poker on the Go

With the world inclining more and more to mobility when it comes to technologies, it isn't surprising that even the waging industry has picked up their pace and end up with a more powerful mobile platform. In fact, there are popular mobile video Poker options today, in order to quell your craving for gambling even in the middle of your hectic schedule. If you are new to this concept though, there's bound to be numerous questions playing in your mind right now and this page is here to answer all of them.

Mobile Video Poker

Just like what its name suggests, this basically means playing video poker through your smartphone or tablet. Video Poker is a game which combines slot mechanics and pokies into one, resulting in a thrilling game that combines the need for both luck and skill to win. It's simple to learn the rules and with a lower house edge, you'll have bigger chances of winning. The website comes in flash apps which will directly load on your screen when you go to their corresponding link. On the other hand, applications are those that have to download first before you try them. Ultimately, the goal of these changes is to allow the player to enjoy mobile video poker via their mobile. Selecting an online casino for access to their video poker games can be quite frustrating. Since there are so many quality online casinos to choose from, we recommend taking a look at the top ranked online casino sites by top10casinos.com. This is a no-nonsense online casino guide where only the best online casinos are listed. The good news is that each of the online casinos will have plenty of video poker games to enjoy.

Mobile Devices for Video Poker

There's no doubt that there's a ton of mobiles available today and what you may be wondering is if your phone can be used, including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows. If you're in possession of either an Android phone, iOS or even Windows Phone, then you're definitely in for some surprise as there's an abundant number of options for online poker through these devices. Also, although there's a fewer amount of options in the Blackberry, there are also those which offer games that are compatible with this mobile device which you can also look out for. It is important to make sure that an application or a website is compatible with your mobile as this would determine whether you'll get to play or not.

What Makes Mobile Video Poker Different?

There is many reasons or features that you are able to experience when you play video pokies. The first is the fact that the touch-screen capabilities of your device have more immersive gameplay. Instead of using the mouse to hover through the options, you can use your own hand to try and definitely is going to be more fun. You'll also get to see options for custom bets as well, along with single and multi-hand poker variations. In a single hand poker, you'll only have a single set of five cards to try with multi-hand, you'll be free to explore with multiple 5 cards draws at a time. Depending on where the application is downloaded, you should experience more advanced features as well, which is why looking into the description of the title you're playing would always come in handy before you play the game.

Mobile Poker Apps VS Mobile Poker Sites

The main difference between the two is the option to download the mobile poker apps while the mobile poker sites are those which you could access through your phone's browser The instant access of the site is something that many players would definitely love, given that it would not take memory space on your smartphone or tablet. What you should note though, is that it relies highly on internet bandwidth, which is something that players should consider if you want to enjoy them. Mobile poker apps would require you to add them on smartphones but the caveat is that you'll be able to explore a game that is thoroughly meant for Android and Apple. They are often smoother in terms of gameplay and may even come with more features than those you could find in sites. However, there's also a fewer amount of poker apps today which may end up putting your searching skills to the test. If you're not up for the task of searching, then going for the sites may be the preferable option for you.