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Video Poker Introduction

For many years, a game called "Jack or Better" was considered the primary--and, for a while, the only--game in the video poker category. Recently, however, casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have been introducing new variations to video poker that feature a unique characteristics, particularly when it comes to payout.

The Payoff

In general, the basic rules for Jack or Better and other variations of video poker are almost identical. Both award the highest amount of money to the person holding a royal flush, while the least profitable hand consists of two jacks. What sets the new versions of video poker apart, however, are their higher coin payouts. This does not mean that they pay more often than their predecessors, but rather that the newer games offer more coins.

The Benefits of Inflation

Essentially, these higher coin payouts are a kind of inflation. Since the payment ratios are generally the same across all forms of video poker, there is no real value change. However, casinos have discovered that there is a distinct appeal to receiving a high number of coins at once, so a game that produces 1000 coins as opposed to 300 coins (even if the sum total is worth the same) is simply going to be more popular. For this reason, newer iterations of video poker have drawn in many new fans.

Still, as with all kinds of poker, the bigger the risk the bigger the payout! So don't let the number of coins fool you into becoming complacent; rather, continue to strategize as you normally would in any poker game.